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Friday, 12 May 2017

Epson Printer drivers for ubuntu

Epson LQ 300 Printer Driver for Linux (Dot Matrix Printer)

1. Download the ppd file from the below link

2. copy both files at below location

cp  epson-en-eplq300.ppd.gz /usr/share/cups/model/

cp Epson-Dot_Matrix-epson.ppd /usr/share/cups/model/

3. change the permission of the driver files

chmod 0777 /usr/share/cups/model/Epson*
chmod 0777 /usr/share/cups/model/epson*

4. set dpi into the printer settings

182 DPI (in capital)

Epson TM-T81,TM-T82 Series Printer Drivers for linux 

1. Download the driver from the below link:

2. Extract the downloaded file

3. go to the location where zip file is extracrted

4. bash ./

now check the driver list of epson

Epson Thermal Printers  Drivers are now available

RP-3200 STAR Printer Driver For ubuntu

Download driver from below link
and extract the zip file

Epson L380 Printer Driver for Ubuntu

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