Make your keyboard “special keys” (Alt+Gr, Up,Down,..) working when using XRDP

- xkbevd

$sudo apt-get install xbindkeys

$xbindkeys --defaults > /home/username/.xbindkeysrc

now "xbindkeys -k" command for choosing key press combination
$xbindkeys -k

( press the key combination for e.g. Ctrl+Alt+Space)

- copy the key combination
m:0x14 + c:28

paste into  /home/username/.xbindkeysrc

"/usr/bin/"  (path of the script you want to run on some key combination)
m:0x14 + c:28

run below command for starting xbind key start

to make it permenant add this command into .Xsession of into users home file


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