Set default image viewer in wine.

Set picassa photo viewer as default app for image

You can use the command mimeopen, in a terminal go to the folder where you have some pictures with extensions, you should do it for every extension. Suppose for picture named image.jpg. Run the command:
mimeopen -d image.jpg 
You will get a popup menu, where you can see some options, here is sample of my apps:
If mimeopen package not exists then you can install:

$ mimeopen -d e.jpg 
Please choose a default application for files of type image/jpeg

    1) Wine Internet Explorer  (wine-extension-jpe)
    2) Wine Internet Explorer  (wine-extension-jfif)
    3) gThumb  (gthumb)
    4) Pinta  (pinta)
    5) Image Viewer  (gpicview)
    6) Shutter  (shutter)
    7) Firefox Web Browser  (firefox)
    8) Shotwell Viewer  (shotwell-viewer)
    9) GIMP Image Editor  (gimp)
    10) Other...
AS you can notice you could see some wine apps so if you find picasa choose it, else choose other(10) and type the command that runs your picasa. It looks like
WINEPREFIX=~/.purval WINE=/opt/wine-staging/bin/wine /opt/wine-staging/bin/wine ~/.wine/drive_c/myapps/foo.exe
This Configuration files are located at: /usr/share/mime/image 



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