X11Forwarding with SSH not working when connect user through Ncomputing device ?

X11Forwarding with SSH not working when connect user through N-computing device ?
Issue Description:

Install N-computing Server in one linux machine.
Trying to connect another user through Ncomputing client using Vspace.

User logged in successfully but when the connected user tried to connect another machine through ssh using X11forwading then it is not working .

For e.g.

$ ssh purval@ -CX

then it take some time to login and after 1 or 2 minute it will logged in successfully.

but when we try to open some GUI application then it wont open.


1. Logout the SSH session
2. run below command with normal user
      $ xhost +
3. Login user using SSH with -CX and try to open application.

it works !!

if you enter $xhost command it will show output like,

access control disabled, clients can connect from any host

$xhost - will remove the xhost access control which you have set.

About Xhost

xhost is a server access control program for X. It is used to add and delete host names or user names to the list allowed to make connections to the X server. In the case of hosts, this provides a rudimentary form of privacy control and security. It is only sufficient for a workstation (single user) environment, although it does limit the worst abuses in other cases. Environments which require more sophisticated measures should implement the user-based mechanism or use the hooks in the protocol for passing other authentication data to the server.

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