Cups printing issue

CUPS: Adding printer fails with “Unable to get list of printer drivers: Success”

When installing a new printer using the CUPS web interface, instead of displaying the list of drivers only the message
Unable to get list of printer drivers:
When i try to list printer drivers with command line,
$ lpinfo -m
lpinfo: success
is displayed. No printers drivers list can be shown.
Cups runs lpinfo -m to get a list of printer drivers, and this runs scripts in /usr/lib/cups/driver, and one of these is causing problems. By removing all scripts and adding them one by one you can determine which script is causing the problems.

Move all the scripts to a subdirectory, so that they are ignored.
cd /usr/lib/cups/driver
mkdir /opt/driver
mv * /opt/driver/
then copy one by one driver to original location.
for ex.
cp /opt/driver/cupsfilter /usr/lib/cups/driver
you can check it by running lpinfo command
lpinfo -m
All drivers are showing. Place files one by one and check.


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