Record SSH terminal of some user in Linux

Record you terminal's stdin/stdout to a server.

You can use script command to record all the activity on terminal.

Consider using script command
$ script <output_filename>
and then ssh to your server, once you are done close your ssh connection and 
$ exit
to stop the screen recording.
You could make sure your recordings are always named uniquely by using the following convention,

$ script filename_(date +"%Y-%m-%d%H%M%S")

you can add this line in users .bashrc.
or you can create bash script for this,

for e.g.

create one bash script named,
_ck=`ps -ef | grep -i script | grep -v grep | grep -i filename`
if [ ! -n "$_ck" ]; then
        echo "running" >>/tmp/.purval
        script filename_$(date  +"%Y-%m-%d%H%M")
for e.g. script is located in users home folder. i.e. $HOME/
you can call the script into .bashrc.


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